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By the 1970's, it was determined that NicholasNick at Wolf Canyon Ranch should begin learning the ancient ways of the shamanic lineage as carried at that time by Grandfather Juan Peña of the San Juan Pueblo in New Mexico, USA. In 1980, he was sent out west from his home in the US state of Virginia where he was ultimately apprenticed to Grandpa's chosen successor, Jade Wah'oo. Shortly thereafter, Nicholas was introduced to, and accepted by the Old One who then directed his shamanic schooling through Jade.

It was during this time period that Nicholas spent much time in the deserts and mountains of the southwest United States learning the ways of spirit and medicine. He was taught how to doctor people and run various traditional ceremonials. Three times he underwent the ancient rite of initiation by fire into the purpose of the soul, and was shown how to step through the time and dimensional barriers that separate the worlds. By the late 80's, he had become acknowledged as a traditional healer and ceremonial leader and came under increasing request around the US to travel and offer the ceremonials and doctorings he carried.

He is one of only four people worldwide authorized by the elders to conduct the Earth Renewal Ceremony for caretaking the Earth Mother. He has conducted this ceremony in such diverse parts of the US as Oregon, Washington, California, Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Minnesota and Virginia as well as in England.

In 1992, Nicholas was put through his first death initiation to make him shaman. Subsequently, he was put through two more shamanic initiations.

In 1993, Nicholas' apprenticeship ended when his teacher told him that he had learned all that he could give him--that now he was to take his knowledge and be of service to the people. This he has done with great dedication and compassion.

Nicholas has been interviewed by various magazines and was consulted in the development of a PBS documentary on shamanism. He has also had numerous articles on traditional ways published in the US and overseas.

An honored man, Nicholas dedicates the ways of compassionate service that he carries, which have been passed down through an unbroken lineage for innumerable generations, to the welfare of the Earth and all her peoples. He lives in the Rocky Mountains of southwestern Colorado, USA.

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References and Comments

"The Desert Camp opened my eyes and my heart to new dimension of spirit and soul. Nick is extremely skilled - a man of true integrity and what's more he's good company."

~Martin Pollecoff, researcher
Surrey University, Human Potential Research Group

"I took part in a workshop Nicholas ran in the UK about 18 months ago. (It was a Lastone therapy workshop.) Taking part in this workshop was a great fun. However, at the end of the workshop I came to shake his hand and thank him for his time. Shaking Nicholas' hand and looking into his eyes, I felt I was looking into another world. I can't explain what I felt in those few seconds, but it affected me quite deeply.

"I was so delighted to receive the e-mail with Nicholas' blessings. Since I received a message from Nicholas on the winter equinox, when I lit a candle as per his suggestions, I have been watching the moon and its cycles--truely amazing. For some reason as this equinox has approached I have become very elated and drawn to celbrate and honour the occassion. I have planned to spend tomorrow, Sunday, exclusively with my family (no playstations, computers etc!!) to have time together to value our world and each other.

"I do visit Nicholas' web site and the yahoo site occassionally, and it makes me realise how little I know and how much I would love to learn. I think I need to call in a little more."

~Julia, Massage Therapist

"After recieving a doctoring from Nick, I rediscovered a part of myself that was driven away while I was still a child. I was given back to myself, in a way nobody has managed to do before. I'v been involved with many spiritual people during my life, and Nick is the first to affect a genuine healing."

~Peter Shepherdson, Business Owner

"I first met Nick Noble Wolf in February 2000, and have found him to be a truly knowledgable and approachable person. I find that what he teaches can be applied to my life in a way that enriches and empowers it. In the time I have known him I have had 3 doctorings which have had a gradual and cumalative effect on my perception of myself and my self confidence."

~Noela Bingham, Care Giver

"I've turned to many healers in my life, but until I had my doctoring with Nick, nothing had worked. Through the doctoring I have overcome alot of my problems. This last year has been a strong healing time for me and I feel a deep gratitude to Nick for his help and the healing that has made me feel more alive and connected with more aspects of myself."

~Sarah Ellen Muller, Mother

"Since meeting Nick Noblewolf in February 2000, I've found that his teachings, as well as assisting me in my life, have brought meaning and purpose. I have had a doctoring for depression, which I carried for many years and can honestly say that, although I might get down days like everybody, depression is no longer an issue in my life."

~Martin Gary Hope, Business Owner

"My anger at the lack of compassion and the inhumane way which we treat our fellow sentient beings was driving me to despair. Then a friend of mine told me about some workshops being run by an eminent shamen from Colorado, USA, 'Nick Noble Wolf'. Myself and a friend of mine went along and my friend received a doctoring by him, the change in her was so great that I knew he would be able to help me and my anger, so the next visit to Great Britain I made sure that I had a doctoring, it was a great honour and the experience was truly wonderful. Since my doctoring with Nick I have felt in control of my anger instead of my anger being in control of me! I feel more relaxed and I don't flair up at every little thing. Nick Noble Wolf is a very warm, caring human being, and I cherish having met him."

~Muriel Smith, London

"It's not often one has the privilege and opportunity to meet a person who will share the 'medicine' that works and touches your life so change is inevitable."

~Jason Schroeder, Publisher, Horizons magazine

"My sessions with Nick on empowerment have added a new understanding and depth to my massage and bodywork. I have already incorporated several of the techniques he taught me and I am sure my clients are feeling the difference in my technique and in me as a therapist. I have found a new calmness and a new way of looking at things, too."

~Paul Telling, LaStone Therapist

"I have known a few different types of 'shaman' but I found that Nick Noble Wolf installed an internal calm and focus in myself that shall stay with me for the rest of my life"

~Malcolm McKenzie, Instrument Designer

"I realised I am not the only one with problems and sharing my innermost feelings and thoughts with others in a sweatlodge and supporting them with theirs helped me on my path of growth"

~Gabby Gasner, Black & White Printer

In searching for simplicity, truth and the path of power, I found in Nick, someone who was willing to teach me the ways of spirit in a manner that I could utilise in my everyday life and consequently empower myself, without having to go in search of someone else, at any given time. Now, when I find myself angry or sad, I simply take time out of my busy schedule to use the ways I have learnt to put myself back into balance. Infact, I use the ways in my every day life to assist me in living in the dream.

~Anne, Producer

"I always look forward to Nick's ceremonies. I have found him to be a shaman of impeccable integrity and skill, and always come away profoundly affected."

~Steve Prager, Astrologer

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