Sweat Lodge
a ceremony of spiritual purification & celebration

Wolf Canyon Ranch, Ignacio, Colorado (between Farmington, New Mexico and Durango, Colorado), usually one Saturday of each month as requested. Times vary.
Contact: Nick (970) 749-2929; e-mail:
Price: Donations to help replace tarps and other expenses are welcome
Prerequisite: None

This ceremony, conducted by Nicholas Noble Wolf, is run traditionally with four rounds or doors. Eagle is called for the assistance of the participants, and the lodge itself becomes the cave or womb of the Great White Mother Bear, she who purifies the spirits. Traditional songs are sung, and each participant receives opportunity to verbalize their prayers while water is poured on hot rocks. Like the steam purifying the body, the Grandfather Fire power purifies the soul and spirit.

Women in their moon-time do not sweat.

Bring sweat clothes, towel & potluck food to share afterwards.

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